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Creaky Chair

Apr. 10th, 2006

07:36 pm


Aug. 9th, 2005

05:44 pm

So anyhoos. How are all you cow pokes who dont read my journal? Yay! So....I think I have something to tell you but I cant remember. Lalala...Bye.

Aug. 4th, 2005

09:04 pm

Yay I decided to have a real enrty explaing whats been happening in meh life. Well first off Mom and Dad kicked me out so I now officially live here at Denvers. Hopefully we don't break up cuz then I'd be homeless. Sadness.Ssoooooo. Still, nothing about real life. Not much to say, really,
since I haven't really seen my friends in years (except Scoot, but that was a hug and run). We were sposed to have an orgy at Noelle's house today but it didn't work out, since Kfizzle was confined to bed for being allergic to mangos and scoot had eye appointment, and Gabby couldn't go until 3 and noelle's paretns came home at 5:30...
Sigh. Tomorrow is the last day Noelly can hang out since she's vacationing in idaho or something.
Oh yar, friday is the nerdd fest, Gabby is coming yay! But as for others... coughhatersough. Kfizzle is reluctant and making up excuses, while Scoot is simply not fan enough.
... I want to dress up :O but as whooo?
Yea so I spose that is all...Bye.

Current Mood: highsugar high

08:56 pm - This is Side One Flip Me Over I Know I'm Not Your Favorite Record

Hi cow pokes. So I just ate a delisious fudge bar. It was good. Yea Denver is doing his shift at the gas station so I'm here alone. Just chillin. Tomarrow we're gonna go to the Cherry Creek Mall and go shopping. Fun yesh. Ummm...School starts in a few weeks. Not cool. Skool is a fucking hell hole. I swear that there is a portal to hell in the basement...Kinda like Sunnydale Highschool on that show, Buffy. Yea. Only we dont have a hot blonde vampire here. Just ugly dark haired ones. Sorry I dont update more. Been busy.*wink* JK. Wish Denver was here...I want him...Heheh....sad thing is I'm not kidding. Bye.

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Current Music: Fall Out Boy

Jul. 20th, 2005

11:40 pm

Ergg I'm so sad. I finally told Mom and Dad i'm gay. Didnt go so well. My Mom told me I was a faggot and I was gonna burn in hell. And My dad told me I had better be the fuck outta his house before he gets home from work. Meh Mom also asked if Denver was my boyfriend and I told her yes. Apparently she suspected it all along but still hates me. Yea so I'm at Denvers house. Yea I think I'm just gonna end up living here cause he lives on his own and it'd be fun *wink*. Yea anyhoos I think thats all. Bye Byers


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Jul. 3rd, 2005

07:42 pm - A boy is a man a man is a king a king is a ruler a ruler is 12 inches.Do you think he feels special?

Argg. Had a not so happy day. Unfortunatly I have STOMACH FLU! Egg I know gross right. I keep constently barfing and its disgusting. Thats the definition of glamour baby! Anyhoos I was spose to go see War of the Worlds with Denver but noooooo. Damn you sickness...Damn you. I gotta go. I'ma spose to be resting and if Mom finds out i'm online I'll be in trouble...So Peace.


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Jul. 2nd, 2005

07:37 pm

OK i'm done with that for now. Ummm, hi i'm Johnny Vodka....obviously thats not meh real name. It's meh secret alias. You shall never know my true identity. But anyhoos i'm 17. I have a wonderful boyfriend named Denver. I know isn't that a awsome blossom name. Yea so I spose thats all for now...


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Current Music: Fall Out Boy Grand Theft Autumn

07:01 pm

Hi, i'm in the process on working on the colors on here so it'll look mest up for a little while...


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